We are Beat 'Em Hub

The Berlin-based gaming event organizer.

Our international team of gamers, developers, creatives, and event experts creates safe havens for geeks and newbies, e.g. the CLASH OF NERDS night in Sisyfass. Our event became a regular playground for digital natives, analog curious, and gamelovers.

Guests play for free with arcades, VR, retro and modern consoles - while enjoying comfy couches, yummy drinks, nostalgia deco, and geeky chats. We showcase new games in our BETA TEST AREA, stage live Q&A with game developers, and collect feedback.

We also offer to create fun gaming and leisure areas for festivals, private, and corporate events - with our established company network.

Within the educational sector, our network aims to increase awareness & safety in digital media and gaming for kids, youth & parents through a series of intergenerational workshops to promote communication and open discussion through fun environments. We also have a new project in development for personal career growth towards the gaming industry. Stay tuned for more info.

Indie Gaming
Retro Gaming
Virtual Reality
Magic The Gathering


Event Organization, Production & Management. Indoor Gaming Areas & Outdoor Festivals.

Live Music, Streaming Services & Event Moderation. Branded Events. On-Site Support.

GAMING VARIETY: Retro & Modern Gaming, Arcade Machines, Virtual Reality, Indie Gaming, Flipper Machines, Card Games (e.g. MTG), Pen & Paper (e.g. DnD), Board Games, Esports, Tournaments, High Score Challenges, Speed Runs and more..

High Score Challenges

Upcoming Events

NerdistanTV Arcade Bash: NIDHOGG Tournament


Alte Kantine, Berlin, DE

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Partners and Clients

Our Main Partners include:

Nerdistan / Dexai Arts / Tulpar Notebooks / Nerdic / Overhead Berlin / Fraktion Nimmersatt / Games Academy

Clients include:

Bucht der Träumer / Sternfest / About You Pangea / Sisyfass / Alte Kantine / We are Developers / Games Week Berlin / Warehouse Visions / ICS / GoodLive / Wellenwerk / Zenner / Spotify / re:publica / Melt / Splash!