What is Beat Em Hub?

Beat Em Hub is a Berlin-based gaming network that creates immersive experiences.

For B2C events (e.g. our monthly event series, "Clash of Nerds" at Sisyfass) we offer guests a place to play for free with arcades, VR, retro and modern consoles, trading card games, pen & paper - while enjoying comfy couches, yummy drinks, nostalgia deco, and geeky chats.

We showcase new indie games in various stages of development and gamify feedback collection.
We support all areas of gaming from Indie to AAA, PC to VR to Mobile.

For B2B events, we offer curated programs including unique panel discussions, masterclasses, game showcases, workshops, live game pitches with an expert jury, and much more!
Within the educational sector, our network aims to increase awareness & safety in digital media and gaming for kids, youth & parents through a series of intergenerational workshops to promote communication and open discussion through fun environments.
NerdAdvisor is an interactive online platform for game career development. Through a reward-based gamified approach, the goal is to expand & inspire talent towards the gaming industry by offering hands-on experience to job seekers to forge a career path. Stay tuned for more info on development!

Who is Beat Em Hub?

We are an internationally founded team of experts, professionals and experienced event organizers in and out of the gaming industry.


Fernanda Pagani

Fernanda can gracefully outmanuever anyone that dares stand in her way. Her strategic mind keeps her constantly ahead of the game while she skillfully moves diplomatically, to lead her own ranks.


Arjuna "AJ" Sath

Natural born connector, a force who will dive head on and open heart in directions with clear intent. He realized his skills would be best suited to link forces within the gaming ecosystem.


Joris Schnabel

After creating his own game developer studio, he felt the gaming scene needed something that would bring together gamers and workers of the industry.. So he did. Gaming fanatic, music grandmaster and infinite source of wisdom.

Chris McCarthy

Chris sees anything in and outside of the BEH infrastructure. His troops ride under the flag of empathy, organization and patience and, thanks to his foresight, solve any problem before it has defined itself as such.


Sam James Cowie

All hands on deck in all senses. Smooth operations and brutal force perfectly combined, he will make sure things will appear where they should, when they should. As for other sorts of decks… you can expect no less than the smoothest of tunes.

Vedran Bernobic

Vedran brings his 15+ years of experience in events and festival production. Gamer, Nerd, Technic Junky - when it comes to event technics, there's never a challenge he's not ready to tackle.


Alex Mejda

Our latest but definitely not last addition to the team. Alex, our trusted VR & Unity Game Developer, effortelessly rolls through life with charisma bonus points of over 9000, and his head holds a brain that is smarter than yours.

BEAT EM HUB has an international founding and core team with extensive experience and delivers services around gaming and event production.

Our goal is to create safe spaces advocating respect, all-round inclusivity and diversity.